Saturday, October 23, 2010

finnaly, i hv collapsed

i cant made it
i'm sorry for those who expected me to hv made it
i hv gone crazy recently
my brain which i hv been proud of, go missing
i cant think, cant memorize, cant even control myself
unfortunately, my biological clock went abnormal since i started my life here
everything seems to b so uncontrol
i'm tired
i cant even imagine tis happened to me
i;m juz like an idiot
living without aims
bt stil fine i'm breathing
can who else tel me how to get out frm al tis nonsense?
i talked to someone who doesnt exist
is ridiculous
i really getting myself into trouble
i smoke, i drink, i laugh,i cry
juz to keep those stress away
is undescripable
exam is stil far
i'm forcing myself to the end
get me out of these
i'm begging

1 comment:

  1. my dear..不要吸那么多烟好吗?自从毕业到现在我的生活也并不好到哪里去。。所发生的一切很不顺利,一波未平一波又起,半年里都是这样,我也好累。。我也从没想过这一切这一切会发生在我身上,生活就是这样无法预测。。你还好吗?相信我、你、琴的心情都一样的。。生活考验着我们!!